Occupational Health

Providing you with all aspects of Occupational Medicine
in our Seneca and Clintonville offices.
Seneca Location

1 Park Way, P.O. Box 802, Seneca, PA 16346
Phone (814) 677-1768  |  Fax (814) 677-1765

Tetanus, Influenza, Hepatitis A&B, Rabies, other shots needed for work or travel

Employee Wellness Education
Fitness and Nutrition, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Back Injury Prevention

On-Site Evaluation
Drug Screening (NIDA and Non-NIDA), Respiratory Exams, Fit Test, Spirometry, Physical Exams

Screening & Diagnostic Tests
Blood Pressure, Vision, X-rays, Laboratory, OSHA Hearing Exam, Pulmonary Function (Spirometry)

Medical/Occupational History and Physical Exams
Medical Monitoring of Respiratory Programs, Functional Capacity
(Physical Therapy Examination)
Supervisor Training – Substance Abuse
D.O.T. Consortium
Drug Screening
(NIDA and Non-NIDA)
Breath Alcohol Screening
Exposure to Blood-Borne Pathogen Counseling and Testing

Clintonville Location
(814) 908-0800
208 Butler Street, Clintonville, PA 16372

Drug Screens Available  5-panel, 10-panel, and 12-panel
Nida, Non-nida, e-screen (Rapid screen), uScreen, Consortium Testing

On-Site Evaluation
Contact us at (814) 908-0800 for more information

Breath Alcohol Testing
Pre-Employment Physicals
Annual/Biannual Employment Physicals
Bus Physicals
DOT Physicals
Post Injury and Accident Care
Minor Injuries and Illnesses